About Me

Hi Pauline, tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Pauline and I am a 20 year old  millennial from Australia. My life at the moment revolves around Youtube, Instagram and a soon-to-be 'minimalist' lifestyle. I was born and raised the suburban metropolitan Melbourne in Australia. Currently a university student, so yes, I am a participant of the societal human cycle in hopes that things turn out not so bad for me. Good description, hey?

What is this blog about?

'Simply Pauline' brings to light my thoughts on everyday life. Basically I explore things such as lifestyle, people, fashion, trends and nutrition. Basically all things we conceptualise in everyday life. This blog, I hope will explore how to maximise and thrive on those things.

 So.., we all know something about life. What will I gain from this blog?

A unique outlook on all aspects of life is what I hope to provide to you so together we can make the most of life.

Photo of Pauline at the port
Enjoy this picture of me, smiling at camera at what I thought was a beautiful scenery behind me.