‘Trust’: the foundation of all relations

I believe one of the most important elements of any relationship is trust, whether it be a partner, a friend or family members. Trust is defined as the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. I have not had a lot of relationships outside my family unit but nonetheless, I see the huge impact this foundation has in my life and the lives of others.

Trust is something that does not blossom immediately but grows and strengthens over time. Trust is the sense of comfort, warmth, and openness you feel towards someone. It is knowing the other is committed to staying connected with you. It is knowing that the other is available when we are feeling happy, sad, depressed, stressed or down. It is a mutual respect for one another, a mutual understanding of dependency in one another.

When trust is broken, the relationship becomes toxic, arid and/or grievous. One would feel uncomfortable, unsafe and cold towards another. Mutual respect is minimal even absent, commitment is weak, insecure and is no longer esteemed. Like trust, distrust can build up over time through carelessness and covertness.

In order to establish trust, we must happily

  • Communicate with one another, about anything and everything, this will involve being honest about one’s thoughts
  • Be aware of the other’s person’s well-being, feelings, and attitude, so that you can respond with care and respect
  • Show commitment, whether it be with through regular communication such as acts of kindness, being attentive, sharing activities and tasks

Broken trust can be irredeemable, therefore, every once in a while I like to evaluate the scale of trust I have in my relations. How if the way I treat others deters or builds their trust towards me and vice-versa. Exploring steps for building, strengthening and rekindling the trust in all my relations has been so helpful for me and my spiritual journey.

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